Opera Browser 57.0.3098.106

Web browser with a focus on ease of use and user privacy and security

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Opera Browser 57.0.3098.106
Opera Browser 22.0.1471.49

Opera allows people to browse the Web with the latest features. This particular browser includes dozens of useful features baked into the software. Unlike other browsers, a number of privacy-focused features are available as well. Speed, efficiency, and privacy are the keys to success for Opera. It's not as popular as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox, but Opera solves quite a few problems Internet users face today.

Features, Features, and More Features Without Being Intrusive

The Opera browser includes plenty of features for its users without getting in the way. Over a dozen features are baked into the browser, but users don't have to take advantage of them all. In fact, an individual could use the browser without enabling or utilizing any of these features. Opera gives its users the option of activating features rather than forcing them onto the user.

Opera Turbo is one such feature, which is a data compression algorithm to reduce data usage. For slow or metered connections, Turbo is an excellent solution for loading websites faster without burning through precious data. Picture-in-picture mode is included in the browser, which makes multitasking more simple than ever before. Ad blocking and VPN features are included in the browser as well.

Performance, Stability, and Privacy In One Package

In the end, Opera's main selling point is an excellent combination of privacy, stability, and performance. The browser itself is lightweight and designed for fast page loading as well as smooth performance. Users shouldn't have to worry about hanging websites or a slow connection. Crashed windows are an infrequent problem to say the least. Then again, perhaps the biggest selling points here are privacy and security.

Included VPN software ensures users can browse the internet anonymously and securely. Likewise, the native ad blocker keeps prying eyes away from a user's browsing habits, and potentially dangerous ads won't be displayed while browsing. Opera is one of the most secure and privacy-focused browsers available right now. VPN features are enough to convince many people to switch to Opera, considering the state of the Web today.

Opera: Far From Perfection but Solid In Nearly Every Way

Even the best Web browsers include certain weaknesses and issues. Opera is optimized for performance, but not all websites like loading through Opera. Unfortunately, this has been an issue since Opera was first released. The browser doesn't feature too many extensions outside of its core features either. Opera browser features some shortcomings that may be deal breakers for users that prefer Chrome or FireFox. Still, we're talking about a browser with a focus on privacy and security. Such features will prove too enticing for many people to ignore these days.


  • Comes with highly useful VPN features.
  • Ad-free browsing is the standard experience.
  • The browser is lightweight and designed for performance.


  • Opera doesn't play well with all websites.
  • The browser is lightweight but bare bones in some ways.
  • Opera doesn't feature as many extensions as Chrome.

There are many Web browsers available to view the Internet, but Opera is one of the best mainstream alternatives. First created in 1994, this browser is one of the oldest World Wide Web viewers. Opera has been at the forefront of pushing adoption of the Web around the world while bringing new features that were later featured as standard. Opera is one of the grandparents of the modern Internet and should be downloaded to try out.

Google the Opera Experience

Opera is currently on the nineteenth version. Since Opera fifteen, the company has dropped the proprietary engine that all previous Opera browsers were based on and used an engine known as Blink. This engine is culled from the Chromium Project, a Google founded open source initiative to help make the Web a better place. This has helped Opera in many ways, but has also decreased the uniqueness of the platform.

The Con-ing tower

Embracing of the Chromium Project has stripped Opera of many unique features. These features include a good backwards compatibility to older browsers and the email client. However, the rapid iterations of the browser make it possible that the features left out of the project will make it in to future versions of the product. One feature, the popular in-browser email application, has been branched off to be on its own.

The company has brought back the bookmark bar, missing since it moved to the new open source software, but doesn’t have a regular bookmark menu. This company seems to be going two steps forward and one step back with each incarnation.

There is also an issue with extensions. The company doesn’t seem to be able to get companies and users to create the same amount available for other platforms. This may be because Opera isn’t the most popular browser. This should be fixed as usage of the browser grows.

Pro Views

One of the best things about adopting the new open source software is the ability to rapidly prototype and release new versions of the browser. There have been four versions of the product since March 2013, a pace that far outstrips the previous fourteen releases.

The browser also fixes one of the major complaints about the precious versions: how slow it was to access the Internet. The speed of Opera is fast and matches that of Google’s own Chrome browser. This is a great response to the ever-changing Internet that demands faster access speed from Web browsers.

The features of the desktop browser are starting to blossom as well, although it isn’t anywhere near as feature-rich as it was in the past.

Pros and Cons


- The browser is blazingly fast.

- Opera is becoming a much more feature-rich browser.

- It is constantly improving and updating.


- There are not as many features as in old versions of Opera.

- It doesn’t have the same amount of extensions as other browsers of note.

- When it adds features, sometimes Opera misses points that have been included since Web browsers debuted in the 90’s.

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